Satanic ritual abuse

July 4, 2006 at 12:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Christians, if ex ocultists dont know about it, chances are it doesnt happen. And sorry to burst your bubble Rebecca Brown MD and Mike Warnke, are fakes frauds and charlatains….

The Hard Facts About Satanic Ritual Abuse
By Bob and Gretchen Passantino
An edited version of this article first appeared in the winter 1992 Christian Research Journal

WARNING: Because of the horrific nature of these reports, some of this article may be disturbing to readers. Every attempt has been made to deal with the subject objectively and with circumspect language.

A young teenage girl, impregnated during a satanic ritual, is forcibly delivered of her nearly term baby, forced to ritually kill the child and then to cannibalize its heart as cult members watch. Another girl, a small child, is sealed inside the cavity of a disemboweled animal and “rebirthed” by her cultic captors during a ceremony. A preschool class is systematically sexually, emotionally, and physically abused by part of a nationwide, nearly invincible network of satanic pedophiles and pornographers. A young girl is thrown into an electrified cage with wolves and ritually tortured to deliberately produce a “wolf personality,” part of her multiple personality disorder (MPD).

These are a few of the thousands of horrifying stories circulating throughout the nation and abroad.[1] Some true believers (see SRA glossary) in this phenomenon say there are more than 100,000 “adult survivors” who have entered therapy and “remembered” these horrible abuses.[2] Others more than double the number.[3] These terrifying accounts are tied to the current public concern about stranger abduction of children, said by true believers to number in the thousands annually.[4] True believers say the conspiracy[5] is almost invincible, covers the nation (if not the world), and involves key power players in the courts, education, politics, religion, and society.

True believers provide unconditional support to alleged adult survivors whose therapeutically recovered “memories” typically indict their elderly parents for heinous crimes including murder, cannibalism, sexual torture, incest, and bestiality. Some bring their cases to law enforcement, hoping for criminal prosecution. Some obtain restraining orders barring their parents from seeing them or their grandchildren. Some cut all ties with family and disappear. Some begin new lives as television and radio talk show guests, sharing their gruesome stories coast to coast during after school television time. Almost all are in the midst of long term intensive therapeutic counseling, many are involved in dozens of psychiatric hospitalizations and almost daily therapy sessions and support group meetings. Small children are sometimes snatched from their parents’ custody on the whisper of a suspicion that the parents may be involved in satanic ritual abuse (SRA).[6]

True believers among therapists, alleged adult survivors, law enforcement, journalists, and Christian leaders unanimously call for everyone to believe the stories, to change the justice system so recovered “memories” alone can convict in criminal court, and to rise up against this nearly invincible satanic conspiracy.

If it is true, such reactions are to be expected. If it is not true then families are being destroyed, truth is being ignored, biblical standards of evidence and testimony are being thrown away, “survivors” are being trapped in long term destructive therapeutic situations, and Satan is getting more credit than he is due. In this article we move beyond the sensationalism and emotionalism to take a serious look at satanic ritual abuse (SRA) stories.[7]

To read the rest, written by Bob and Gretchen Passantino



  1. Amy said,

    I have no doubt that ritual abuse exists in the world today. What did Rebecca Brown and Mike Warnke say about it?

  2. Wize_One said,

    They had testimonies that were proven to be fake

  3. Amy said,

    oh really? have you got a link? I’d be interested in reading it…

  4. Wize_One said,

    Will hunt them about… I know i have one for rebecca brown, but dont know about warnke

  5. RA Watch said,

    Wow – a magazine article from fifteen years ago? Not exactly up to speed.

    Gerard Robinson has just been jailed for the satanic murder of a nun twenty years ago, after being accused of ritual abuse by three women.

    The Catholic Church of Australia has just paid compensation to a ritual abuse survivor after accepting as true that he was ritually abused in teh 1970s by a satanic priest.

    The Catholic Church has also paid $4 million in compensation to 36 men who were ritually abused by satanic priests at a boarding school in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Last year, a satanist was sent to jail for the ritual abuse of three children in South Africa.

    A 2005 police report has confirmed that large numbers of children have been ritually abused and tortured for years on the Isle of Lewis despite repeated attempts by the victims to get help from authorities, because the authorities refused to believe in ritual abuse.

    The Hosanna Church ritual abuse case will reach court by the end of this year, after the pastor confessed to police that he ran a satanic cult from his church, in which children were ritually and sexually abused.

    In 2000, Alonzo South of Rutherford County confessed to the satanic ritual abuse of a minor, and was sentenced to 24 years prison.

    In 2005 in Italy, five members of a satanic cult were imprisoned for the ritual murder of three members.

    In the late 1990s, a former Belgian child prostitue Regina Louf showed investigators where her best friend was buried after she’d been murdered by a ritualistically abusive paedophile ring.

    It just keeps going, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t rely on ancient magazine articles. Try doing your own research.

  6. Wize_One said,

    Gosh for all these occurences, you have no news articles

    And this is comming from someone who not only does not provide independent evidence proving to the contrary, but doesnt even have a web blog

    I can find more recent articles that say the same thing. as for the research, I’ve lived it, and discovered that most of the bilge promoted about occult reality is just that bilge

    1995, article saying the same thing

    I suggest if you’d like to make further insults, provide evidence that backs up what your saying, any further comments without will be deleted

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